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Jeanice Johnson

Founding Director

Jeanice Johnson is a life-long resident of the City of Compton. She became involved with community engagement activities through her good friend and founder of Concerned Citizens, Leomise Theresa Nazel.


Jeanice recalls the many conversations with Theresa regarding the discontentment of the community with the elected officials. She remembers attending a by invitation only meeting of the Concerned Citizens of Compton during which the founding group was strategizing the next method of dissent of the elected officials. Professor James Johnson was the chair of the President of Concerned Citizens of Compton at the time. She reflected on the enthusiasm she felt, seeing her former college professor as the President of the organization. She decided to join the organization that very same evening, and has been involved since that day in 2000.

There were many letter writing campaigns, attending of city council meetings, and peaceful protests; all with the purpose of getting the attention of the elected officials of the City administration to listen to the voices of the people of the community. The community came together as “One People,” stated Jeanice; however, the community’s voice was apparently being overlooked. The community was requesting the City’s governing body to stop the alleged corruption, stop the nepotism and end cronyism. The fight to regain the City continued with Concerned Citizens of Compton at the helm of the fight.

Jeanice recalls Professor James Johnson retiring from Compton College, moving back to the South; and the group voted in Willie McReynolds to continue as President who had chaired several meetings in Professor Johnson's absence.

Eventually, the community’s voice prevailed as it was reflected on the polls. A new administrative roster was elected! Concerned Citizens of Compton was instrumental in educating and leading the community in the victory!

Jeanice stated that there’s a scripture that asserts: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn.” The people of Compton began rejoicing with the new roster of elected officials.

Jeanice stated that she is truly dedicated to the organization's philosophy: “We demand unselfish and honest service with full integrity from all our elected and appointed officials.” This philosophy was the objective of the Concerned Citizens of Compton when Jeanice joined in 2000; and it is now the declaration of the principles which the Concerned Citizens of Compton stands for today!