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Concerned Citizens of Compton Announces Its Endorsements For April 20 Primary Ballot

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: March 17, 2021 Contact: Gilda Blueford President Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc. ‪Phone: (424) 244-9039‬ (voicemail or text message)

E-mail: concernedcitizensofcompton@aol.com

Compton, CA—Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc. announced its endorsements and campaign contributions to three candidates for Compton City leadership on April 20 primary ballot. Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc. endorses candidates who display leadership to move Compton and its citizens forward; advocate for policies that create good paying jobs for our city/region; and strive to improve the quality of life for our citizens. Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc. considered each candidate's effectiveness and their receptiveness to the views of the organization's member. Candidates were selected based on their stance on issues, and their record of diplomacy and leadership as exemplified through the interview process. By endorsing a "candidate," Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc. believes he or she will be a strong and effective partner on policies to advance the City of Compton.

About Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc.:

Concerned Citizens of Compton is a California Secretary of State registered 501(c)4 organization (Entity Number: 2688258) which works on all levels of "Advocacy" and "Activism."

In terms of "Advocacy," the organization is involved in such activities as public speaking, mainstream and social media campaigns, research, petitions, meeting with government officials, to name a few. The organization's activities aim to influence decisions within economic, political, and social systems and institutions.

In terms of "Activism," the organization is involved in the use of direct, confrontational action as necessary. The organization's activities may include, but not limited to demonstrations, boycotts, rallies, street marches, and sit-ins.

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